Writing and speaking about Worker Leadership – a management innovation that can power spectacular improvements in productivity and job satisfaction – and
rescue the U.S. economy

Fred Stahl

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000–2003

Visiting Scientist and Executive Director,
Lean Aerospace Initiative (LAI)

A consortium of government, industry, labor unions, and universities chartered and funded the LAI to adapt Toyota manufacturing methods to the production of aerospace systems.

The Boeing Company, 1981 to 1999

Director, Manufacturing Transition

Led Lean Manufacturing Assessment Project to compare Boeing’s factories with the world’s best. Showed production managers how to apply Toyota methods. Taught lean manu-facturing at the Boeing Leadership Center.

Corporate Chief Scientist, Europe

Boeing liaison to NATO. Technical representative to UK and European aerospace agencies and industry.

Director, Washington Studies & Engineering Analysis Group

Supported U.S. Government agencies with analysis supporting development of requirements for aerospace systems.

Executive, Phantom Works

Led operations analysis of advanced military aircraft and aerospace technologies. Led development of company-wide models of life-cycle costs. Study: “Why airplanes cost so much”

Prior to 1981: Institute for Defense Analyses

Systems analyst and policy researcher at IDA and other consulting organizations in Washington, D.C.

University of Munich Undergraduate 
Wayne State University BA Mathematics

University of Missouri MA Computer Science
George Mason University Economics

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Arlington, Virginia  202-368-8273 (cell) fred@fredstahl.com


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